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What is forbidden and what is allowed

Pope Francis has confirmed several times that in the Roman Catholic Church advocating the priestly ordination of women is forbidden.

What the pope did not forbid is here on the photos.

The public opinion is convinced that pope Francis (in name of the Roman catholic Church) has made clear his feelings on Trump and his agenda several times, however this is not entirely true. For accuracy, pope Francis has made very clear his PERSONAL feelings on Trump's WALL with Mexico, not realized. Nothing more. But the same pope with his Vatican Administration supported INSTITUTIONALLY Trump's agenda of fighting against human rights of women, homosexual people, transgender people, etc. This is a real agenda that interests the Catholic Church.

So, please, consider what is prohibited and what is permitted in the Church.

If you are baptized a Roman Catholic, your silence, your indifference, your tacit permission to what the Roman Catholic Church does is also your responsibility.