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How to repair the Catholic Church's position against women, homosexuals, the victims of abuse ...?

1. Pope Francis often affirms his intention to correct, improve and repair what is not going on in the Catholic Church. Pelagianism, gnosticism, clericalism... He declares he wants to improve the situation of women, LGBT people, the victims of abuse, children. If we analyse what these collectives meet in the Catholic Church from the point of view of human rights, we would realize that we need a real and proper reconstruction of the evangelical identity of the Catholic Church as soon as possible, which for too long time has not been properly confronted human reality. It has ignored it, despised it or denied it.

2. To say it with an image, we have a house that is collapsing: homophobic or misogynist discriminations no longer find enough reasons to be maintained today as it was thought in the distant past. It takes reconstruction to lay the renovated house on the firm foundations of the Gospel, but the owners of the house think - for various reasons, also to avoid costs, sacrifices and work - that it is better to paint the facade here and there, cover the holes with a nice publicity or even covering its falling parts, so that no one can see the disaster and the danger.

3. The papacy of Pope Francis has promised an exemplary evangelical radicalism, a revolution without fear of anyone, an open and dialogical rethinking, the end of condemning and criticizing, and the beginning of learning, knowing and understanding. A real reconstruction of the house from its evangelical foundations. Actually, it is not even something exceptional. An old house regularly needs a review and often the review must be total.

Instead, after his promises the pope has started to make up the façade, to colour it with nice words and gestures. He has covered the holes with advertising and he tries hard to hide the parts that do not stand and constitute a danger to the spiritual and psychological health of people.

4. In this way the history will not be changed. In this way it is only possible to slow down the necessary revolution for a long time, justifying the omission with the fact that many people would not be prepared to see the reconstruction scaffolding. You do not change the history by asking for permission.